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Hydraulic systems and urban structures

Ouvrage dirigé par Ayda Alehashemi, Jean-François Coulais & Gilles Hubert


Édition en anglais

With special emphasis on the legacies inherited from ancient Persia, one of the most brilliant water civilizations in history, “Water & City” includes case studies from a variety of countries in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. The book originates in a research workshop held in 2018 in the desert city of Yazd, known as the cradle of millenary qanat technologies in the world. Among the learnings from this pioneering cross disciplinary experience, it shows that combining heritage and innovation, tradition and technology, in future architectural and urban design projects is the only path towards re-inventing the integrative role played by water.


AVEC LES CONTRIBUTIONS DE : Mohsen Abbasi Harofteh & Nariman Farahza, Sina Abedi, Ayda Alehashemi, Hélène Balaresque et al., Ghazal Banan, Ali Chavochian et al., Jean-François Coulais, Andreea Grigorovski & Frédéric Rossano, André Guillerme, Gilles Hubert, Savitri Jalais, Dalila Kamache, Majid Labaf Khaneiki, Manfredi Leone et al., Cristiana Mazzoni, Fairouz Megdiche-Kharrat et al., Mohamad Reza Noghsan Mohammadi, Mohamad Reza Owlia & Farzane Owlia, Cristina Pallini & Helder Casal Ribeiro, Christian Piel, Pierre Renault, Ali-Asghar Semsar Yazdi, Mehrnoush Soroush and Pietro Todaro.


LIVRE PUBLIÉ AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE : IPRAUS (École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris Belleville), LIAT (École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris Malaquais), le département Génis urbain de l'Université Gustave Eiffel, et l'aide du Ministère de la Culture, France.


24 €, 2020, 15x21 cm, 318 pages, Couleur

ISBN 978-2-490437-03-0



Mots clefs : géographie, sociologie urbaine, environnement, Politique et administration environnementales, approvisionnement en eau, gestion des ressources en eau, hydraulique, aménagement urbain, infrastructure, Iran



Across Waterways Ayda Alehashemi, Jean-François Coulais, Gilles Hubert, editors  CHAPTER 1 IRANIAN WATER CIVILISATION

Imposed Modern Misdevelopment vs. Composed Traditional Вbвdi, Mohammad Reza Owlia, Farzane Owlia // An Introduction to Qanats of Yazd Province, Ali Asghar Semsar Yazdi, Saleh Semsar Yazdi  // The Influence of the Underground Water System on the Urban
Morphology of a Traditional City, Yazd-Iran, Mohammad Reza Noghsan Mohammadi
 // The Relationship Between Qanat Watermills and Settlements in the Central
Plateau of Iran,  Mohsen Abbasi Harofteh Nariman Farahza
 // Water and Cultural Landscape, Majid Labbaf Khaneiki  CHAPTER 2 LEARNING FROM HISTORY In Praise of Water Architecture, André Guillerme
 // Urban Resilience and Hydraulic Continuity Against a Backdrop of Wars and Conquests, the Susiana Plain of Iran in the First Millennium CE, Mehrnoush Soroush
 // Water in the Casbah of Algiers, Dalila Khamache  // Water in The Persian Garden Paradise: The Case of Isfahan, Sina Abedi // 
Relevance of Historical Water Systems in Today’s Cities, Indian Examples, Savitri Jalais  // Typical Human Settlements, Cities and Related Ancestral Hydraulic Systems: A Comparative Approach Through Examples from The Mena Region and Europe,Fairouz Megdiche-Kharrat, Mohamed Moussa, Rachid Ragala  CHAPTER 3 WATER ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING “Deh-Sabz”, Afghanistan: an Urban Project to Optimize the Presence of Water
in the City, Christian Piel // Toward Blue-Green Plan in Taleghan City Ali Chavoshian, Naser Dehghanian, Reza Dowlati Fard, Pierre Renault //Social Sustainability Through Water Related Architecture, Ghazal Banan CHAPTER 4 WATER ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPE
EXPERIENCES: EUROPEAN APPROACHES The Qanats in The Palermo Plain (Sicily, Italy), Pietro Todaro
 //The Signs of Water, Manfredi Leone, Paolo Inglese, Tiziana Turco, Martina Botta, Claudia Urso
 //Building Landscape and Organising Territory: (Re) Thinking Pontine
Marshes Architecture, Cristina Pallini, Helder Casal Ribeiro
// Recomposing Urban and Regional Territories through Water Management Andreea Grigorovschi, Frédéric Rossano
 // Dams and Landscapes: A Case Study on The Changing Perception of The
Sйlune Valley, Hélène Balaresque, Marie-Anne Germaine, Ludovic Drapier, Laurent Lespez  CHAPTER 5 HERITAGE AND INNOVATION

A Paradigm Shift in Urban River Management in Iran: Tehran River
Restoration, Ali Chavoshian, Saied Ahmari, Fatemeh Fallah Zavareh, Naser Dehghanian
 // Kan River Restoration Plan, Tehran, Pierre Renault
 // Water Infrastructures and Urban Structures in Iran: Rethinking
Multidimensional Integration, Ayda Alehashemi
 // Restoring Blue and Green Corridors in European and Asian Metropolises: The “Confluence-City” Concept As Theoretical and Practical Tool, Cristiana Mazzoni
, Research on Water Architecture: from Legacies to Innovation Jean-Francois Coulais

Water & City

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